Theresa L. Drennan Brinkmann

Profile Updated: February 1, 2010
Theresa L. Drennan
Residing In: Mason, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: Dale Brinkmann
Occupation: Product Supply QA P&G
Children: Keith, age 17 is a junior at Bishop Fenwick High School. Keith is very tall, currently 6'5" and he More…plays golf and basketball for Fenwick. He is an honor student and is currently looking into colleges. He also has been a caddie since age 13 at Heritage Country Club in Mason and is pursuing the Evans Scholarship. Ohio State and UC are on his list of possible college choices. Keith is an avid sports fan and is very outgoing, although a bit of a brown-noser around adults. Keith loves to "stir the pot" and is a huge instigator. Keith and his father love to start trouble. Jake, age 15 is a freshman at Mason High School. He plays basketball and hopefully volleyball for Mason. Jake is also an honor student at Mason. He also plays knothole baseball in the Summer. He is my artist. Jake is very creative and very goofy. Those of you who remember my older brother, Bob Drennan, have basically met Jake. Although Jake has very blonde hair, his personality reminds me very much of my brother Bob. That's a good thing!!! Jake loves anything dealing with the military as well. His favorite channel is the Military Channel or Discovery or A&E. It wouldn't surprise if after high school, Jake decided to join the military. Tanks, weaponry and re-creating military battles throughout history made out of Legos are his passion. I can also see Jake becoming a History teacher, a designer for Legos or an architect. The sky is the limit for Jake. Anna, age 9 is a fourth grader at St. Susanna School. She is my athlete and very competitive. (I haven't a clue where she gets that competitiveness from. ) Anna enjoys whatever sport she is involved in whether it's basketball, soccer, or volleyball. She's going to try softball this Spring. She did dance for awhile, but that only lasted 3 years and then the sports won out over dance. Anna is also an excellent student. Anna enjoys school, hanging out with her friends and can commentate football games better than many of those so-called pros. She is a sponge when it comes to sports whether watching or playing. Actually she's a sponge for life. Anything and everything interests Anna. She's taking piano lessons, she writes songs, creates raps and dances, you name it, she'll try it. For Christmas this year, all she wanted was a ripstick. Go figure. She is loads of fun and a very sweet girl, although I wouldn't mess with her. She takes on her older brothers (who show her no mercy). She is one tough cookie but a very sweet one too!! (-: Well that's my brood and life is very, very good!!
Yes! Attending Reunion

I just wanted to say thank you to all the committee for pulling this together. I'm looking forward to re-connecting with the class of 80.

School Story:

Well let's see, I was in an alcoholic fog throughout most of high school, so I doubt that I could re-tell any of the MANY, MANY stories I experienced. Some of the memories are: coming in late for Arnie Sutter's Government class and having to sing. The first day of government, after walking in late, buzzed and having to sing, Dina and I discovered all the boards filled with notes. I was sitting about three rows behind Dina and "quietly" asked her for a pen. Now Dina being the dilligent student that she was, reached into her purse without looking, promptly pulled out a tampon and threw it to me without missing a beat of taking notes. Mr. Sutter and several classmates witnessed the act, and Arnie just shook his head and asked if Dina and I were going to cause this much trouble all year.

My kids can't believe that we had a "Smoking Lounge" and that somedays it would close due to someone getting busted for smoking dope. My how high school has changed in 30 years.

I remember the last day of school senior year driving in the pouring rain and trying to disrupt the incoming buses. Dina stealing Mr. Sears' windshield wipers and walking around school with them.
Pep rallies Senior year when we had no cheerleaders so Cathy Siegel created bright yellow poodle skirts which Cathy, Dina and Tom Griffiths each wore and led the class in cheers.

Parking lot parties, Blongs Road, chinos, Levis straight-legged cords in every color, clogs, Izod and rugby shirts, interchangeable purse covers, anything and everything preppy, getting drunk before school and at times before softball games, some great teachers, some crappy teachers, lots and lots of great friends, "The Roach", the cafeteria's chocolate chip cookies that I swear were partially raw (probably why they tasted so good).

Steve Imhoff's pranks in our lockers before basketball games/practices. He was insistent that we arrive to practice on time. If we were late, we ran. One day during school, he got into all our lockers and switched all our practice clothes. Here we were in the locker room trying to get changed for practice only to discover that all our clothes had been switched. Well the t-shirts and shorts were flying across that room but I think we all managed to make it to practice on time. Steve just cracked himself up. He also filled tube socks with paper and wrote "Beat Those Mothers" on the socks and placed one in each of our lockers before we played Mother of Mercy. He is one teacher I'll remember fondly for life. He truly cared about his students and athletes.

That's about all my tired brain cells can remember right now. Perhaps more later.

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